Asbestos Return – Government Required

Asbestos Management Assurance Process (AMAP)

Early this year, the DfE/ESFA wrote to all schools requiring the completion of the AMAP. When the AMAP portal closed, a significant majority of schools had failed to complete the returns. Ministers were concerned about the poor response rate and the associated lack of detailed intelligence relating to the management of asbestos in schools. Therefore, they have issued directions for the AMAP Portal to be reopened.

The AMAP portal was re-opened on Monday 12th November, and will remain open until Friday 15th February.

To Access the updated page on the GOV.UK website, which includes guidance on accessing the portal, click HERE.

Targeted communications have been sent to head teachers, and chairs of governors or CEOs of those schools or academy trust companies who have not already participated in the return. Communications have also been sent to chairs of governors or CEOs of those schools or academy trust companies where returns have been submitted but are not fully assured, or where schools do not appear to be compliant.

The DfE/ESFA is striving to raise participation. It is their intention to publish a report which will include information on participation by the various sectors. Currently, participation from the VA sector is lower than other sectors.

It is extremely important that the Catholic School in Westminster Diocese engage with the process and improve the level of returns. Ultimately, we should be aiming for 100% returns by our schools and academies.

Nigel Spears –