Enumeration Day 2019: Deadline = Last Working Day of October


Enumeration Day 2019 – Last Working Day in October

The focus of the Autumn Term Data Return is: Registered Pupils - (Including Nursery Children and Sixth Form Students)

The return focuses on all pupils registered to attend school on the designated date.

School staff will need to process pupil level data in advance (or on enumeration day itself) in order to supply the postcode district data required by the Education Commission. The link to the online form is: http://w.pfrms.co/87zbs

To support the processing of your data, a Data Sorting Tool is now available on the PPP page of the DOWES Website. Schools add three elements of data from their SIM System and the tool will then process that data and present it in the correct format for uploading to the DOWES system. Our thanks to colleagues from St Mary’s Catholic Secondary School in Bishop’s Stortford for their help in creating this tool.

The Data Sorting Tool can be accessed HERE.

The Data Sorting Tool was introduced to those colleagues who attended the CPT (PPP) Training Course at Vaughan House on Wednesday 11th September and was well received. It was noted that it should reduce the admin/processing time by a significant amount.

Once school data has been pasted into the Data Sorting Tool, colleagues can proceed in one of two ways. They can either:

  • Email the whole work book to nigelspears@rcdow.org.uk and we will complete the upload on their behalf, or
  • School based colleagues can complete the online form line by line.

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