LCVAP 2020 – 2021


The 2020/21 LCVAP funding application process is now live. Governing bodies of Catholic Voluntary Aided (VA) Schools are invited to submit 1 (ONE) Condition Related LCVAP proposal for a capital project, to be delivered within the 2020/21 financial year.

Please note:

  • Your submission must be received by 12:00 Noon on Friday 22nd November 2019 to be eligible for consideration. Submissions received after Noon on November 22nd will not be accepted for the 2020/21 funding round.
  • Only 1 (One) application per school is allowed. Therefore, if two or more proposals from a school are received, only the final/most recent submission will be retained and considered. All earlier submissions will be purged from our database. Please make sure that you liaise with your retained building consultant to ensure that only a single entry is submitted on behalf of your school.

For LCVAP Proposals: An A4 Word document (maximum of 2 pages) containing supplementary information and/or pertinent photographs can be submitted by email. When naming and saving your Word document, please use the following naming protocol:

###### LCVAP 2020-21 (AddInfo) The 6 # symbols in parenthesis should be replaced by the six digit Unique Reference Number your school.

In December 2019 and January 2020, all proposals will be scrutinised by Diocesan Officers in Finance, Property and Education. Projects will be ranked and then presented to the Diocesan Schools Building Committee and the Education Commission (Capital Strategy Committee) for their consideration and approval. Information relating to the allocation of LCVAP will be published in the second half of the spring-term of 2020.

Discussions relating to the processing of “the Son of LCVAP”:

After LCVAP is officially retired in March 2020 are ongoing. As a precautionary measure, we are proceeding with the standard application round in order that appropriate projects can be identified. Further information about capital management from April 2020 will be communicated when available.

Special note to school supported by DHPUK:

The Diocese is currently exploring the possibility of using a system called Statlog. We have been advised that Statlog has been issued to all of the DOW Schools supported by DHP. As part of our evaluation of the effectiveness of the Statlog, colleagues from Diocesan Property and Education will be reviewing the condition data held in the system when considering representations received from those schools. Please work directly with the DHP team to ensure that your data is correctly presented.