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Welcome to the website of the Diocese of Westminster Education Service. On these pages you will find useful information about the work of the team and the schools of the Diocese.

The Education Service, together with colleagues in the Property Department, supports 209 schools to ensure that they are successful and act in accordance within the Trust Deed of the Diocese. This involves us in offering advice and direction on a broad range of educational matters such as, Religious Education and curriculum issues, Catholic Life of a school, staffing and recruitment, governance, admissions and capital and academy developments. In order to do this, the team work closely with Parishes,  Local Authorities, the Department for Education, NGA and the National College for Teaching and Leadership. Strong partnerships are key and the team value the support of the Catholic Education Service.

Catholic schools and colleges have a significant part to play in the mission of the Church.  Our Diocesan schools make a strong contribution to education in London, Hertfordshire and Surrey. They exist so that the Gospel of Jesus Christ is proclaimed to future generations. In the words of Cardinal Nichols, “Being Catholic means being open to the whole and being dedicated to the unity of the whole. Being Catholic means finding ways of expressing and deepening that 'universality', that Catholic character, and being ready always to embrace the other.”

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School Bulletin - March 2020

Pupil Placement Planning

All school must ensure they have submitted their respective data.

CPD Programme 2019/20

Continuing Professional Development  (CPD) opportunities for all staff.

Latest News - Capital and PPP

Statlog Guide for Schools

By Nigel Spears

The Statlog Guide for Schools is now available. CPAS school guide v 2 13.5.2020 For further information, please contact Nigel Spears.

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School Capital – Latest Guidance for Schools and Consultants

By Nigel Spears

The latest guidance documents on Capital Procurement have just been published by our colleagues in the Diocesan Property Department. The update from the previous version was prompted by the need to include a “Modern Slavery” statement. Human trafficking and modern slavery are, in the words of Pope Francis, “grievous wounds in the flesh of humanity….In…

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The Future of LCVAP

By Nigel Spears

On Thursday 20th September 2018, the Government announced its intention to retire the LCVAP process.   The following is an extract from the letter issued to the Diocese. I am writing to inform you about changes we are intending to make to how voluntary aided (VA) schools access capital funding to maintain and improve their…

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