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Racial Justice Sunday 2024

Seeing one another in the life of the church’

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Primary PowerPoint – Racial Justice Sunday 2024

Secondary PowerPoint – Racial Justice Sunday 2024

Primary and Secondary Activities – Racial Justice Sunday 2024

Racial Justice Sunday 2023

All are included in the mission of Christ and His Church.
Let us walk together, pray together and work together

Racial Justice Sunday 2022

We are delighted to share with you a video from Bishop Paul McAleenan for Racial Justice Sunday. It is relevant for primary and secondary pupils and highlights this year’s message: ‘In the Image and Likeness of God’. Although this event was on 13th Feb 2022, schools and parishes are invited to learn explore and engage with this theme for the year.


  • Racial Justice Day (2nd Sunday in September)
  • Harvest Fast Day (1st Friday in October)
  • Christian Unity Week (January)
  • Pentecost
  • Saints Days such as St John Fisher and St Thomas More (22nd June)


  • Migrants and Refugees (Ordinary time until the feast of Christ the King, especially 3rd Dec)
  • Justice and Peace in the World (Ordinary time until the feast of Christ the King)
  • Christian Unity (Baptism of Our Lord until Shrove Tuesday)
  • Victims of Human Trafficking (Baptism of Our Lord until Shrove Tuesday)
  • The Church (Easter Season)
  • Those Who Suffer Persecution (After Pentecost until Advent)
  • Those Who Suffer Denial of Human Rights (After Pentecost until Advent)


The RJED theme for this year is ‘In the Image and Likeness of God’. On the Bishops’ Conference of England and Wales website, there are beautiful images and resources of the Holy Family which you can share with your pupils of all ages:

Schools and parishes are encouraged to promote this theme throughout the year and are welcome to share with us any of the images your pupils have created on this theme. The images on this website may be used as a source of discussion and inspiration.

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When turning our hearts to racial justice we’d encourage Catholics to pray the words of Pope Francis taken from his encyclical letter Fratelli Tutti – on fraternity and social friendship. This prayer is also shared on the Bishops’ Conference website along with other resources:

Prayer for Fraternity and Social Friendship