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The Diocese of Westminster Education Service is now working in partnership with Aquinas Education.

Working in partnership with the Aquinas Education will offer additional support to our schools in not only meeting their recruitment needs across London and the Home Counties but also putting in place recruitment and retention within Catholic Education. Aquinas will also be supporting the CPD Programme within the Diocese and we will be working with the Aquinas Foundation to support additional course places.

The Aquinas Foundation and their Managing Director Jermaine Jenas, is working closely alongside the Diocese to provide support to students, staff, and communities across the Diocese. Through the Aquinas Foundation, they are offering assistance to teachers and communities to promote academic achievement and attendance, as well as boosting the morale of students and staff.

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Aquinas Education

Aquinas Education shares our core values and beliefs strongly in a bid to promote ambition within schools and educational environments. Their name, inspired by Saint Thomas Aquinas, the Patron Saint of Education, reflects their commitment to education. Their ethos aligns with many Catholic Schools across England. Aquinas Education also work with Catholic Universities in Ireland, working closely with their education students on the opportunities they have in Catholic Schools within England.

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