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Education Service Contacts:

Education Service, Diocese of Westminster

Address: Vaughan House

46 Francis Street



Welcome to the Education Service, we have outlined below a list of contacts who oversee specific areas within the Service. We are hoping that these will help best direct your enquiry to the correct member of the team. We look forward to hearing from you. 

Governance / Admissions

Deb Long

Capital Projects

Nigel Spears


Margaret Hanley


Events, Marketing and Courses

Linette Blackmore


Education Service Website

Linette Blackmore

Governance Applications and Appointments

Carol Campbell

Parental Complaints

Peter Sweeney


Pupil Placement Planning

Nigel Spears

Relationship and Sex Education

Trisha Hedley (Secondary)

Patrick Murphy (Primary)


Religious Education and Catholic Life

Amanda Crowley

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