Chaplaincy Guidance and Support Materials for Primary Schools

National Standards for Chaplains working in schools and academies are divided into five key areas:

  1. The Chaplain as witness
  2. The Chaplain as pastor
  3. The Chaplain as leader
  4. The Chaplain as educator
  5. The Chaplain as professional

The Chaplain should:

  1. be a practising Catholic in full communion with the Church;
  2. set a good example to all members of the school community in terms of living a Christian life by:
    1. being a person who prays and makes prayer an important feature of decision making and who intercedes on behalf of the community they serve;
    2. speaking of their own faith and relationship with Christ;
  • living a life which exemplifies Gospel values;
  1. treating all members of the community with dignity, building relationships rooted in mutual respect, and at all times observing proper boundaries appropriate to the chaplain’s professional position;
  2. showing tolerance of and respect for the rights of others;
  3. demonstrating a commitment to Catholic Moral and Social Teaching.

Chaplaincy Employment Documents

Available to download below is a series of documents for Schools Chaplains. These include the CES national standards as well as chaplaincy job descriptions for both primary and secondary phases.

CES National Standards for School Chaplains

CES School Chaplain Job Description Secondary

CES School Chaplain Job Description Primary