Working Party

Diocese of Westminster RJED Working Party

Peter Sweeney WEB

I chair the RJED Working Party to ensure we create a culture and organisation that reflects the diverse nature of our schools and society. To be authentic and reflect our faith we must model Christ’s love of all people, recognise equality and the dignity of every human. Christ came to serve all, so must we.


All schools need to work to become actively anti-racist to ensure everyone in these communities can flourish.coletteJ

Racial Justice is a priority area for my work, which involves supporting the RJED initiatives of the Education Department and promoting RJED principles in all other areas of Diocesan life.


There is much to be gained from navigating the broad socioeconomic, cultural, racial, and other human diversities, as well as to comprehend and effectively employ extensive knowledge of diversity inside our schools to promote equality for all. The RJED working party brings me in contact with colleagues and expertise from across the Diocese to secure this vision.


As the wife of a black Caribbean man and with three mixed race children, I am keen to ensure we do all we can to promote racial justice in our schools.


Social justice and equity has always been at the heart of my Catholic leadership. I have embarked on the work with this committee to be an ally to young people and colleagues from ethnically and culturally diverse backgrounds.sandraB

I am extremely proud of my West African heritage and I have loved the opportunity to contribute to the work of racial justice, equality and diversity within the Westmimster Diocese. I hope this work will leave a lasting legacy of inclusion and cohesion for all across our Diocesan school communities


I pray for a world where all children can reach their full potential and humanity-and do so in celebration of their races, ethnicities, and cultures.


I support and am committed to the Diocese’s continued work of building an anti-racist and multicultural organization.


I believe that people should be treated with justice and humanity whatever their status, and that everyone has equal rights. I want to develop inclusive and anti-racist practices in our schools that will allow us to provide the best possible quality of experience for our Black, Asian and minority ethnic (BAME) community.

As a Head teacher in Central London, the issues surrounding diversity and equality are sadly present every day. The challenges our young people face and breaking down those barriers are at the forefront of my work. I strongly believe in providing positive experiences in schools to promote the diversity and the richness of our children’s culture in an inclusive way. Only byworking together can we truly create equality for all.

To help strive for a future where we do not need RJED groups.

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I am deeply committed to racial justice and equality and believe visible representation is important in our schools today. I have always reminded the girls that ‘if you can see it, you can be it’ and I think this first needs to be modelled in all we do and share with young people in our schools today. The global social unrest we have seen in recent years as a result of the murder of George Floyd needs to be harnessed so that our young people can engage in effective dialogue and can begin to ask themselves deeper questions based on identity, personhood and imago dei. We provide girls with opportunities to do this during our Diversity Month, PSHE and weekly Safeguarding resources, Black History Month Celebrations and #girlswithgoals campaigns throughout the school year.