Emerging Academies

The information on this page is up-to-date as of 30th July 2018.

Harrow CAT

The Academy Implementation Officer (AOI) made contact with the 6 Harrow Headteachers the day after the Academy Order was received and agreed a date to meet to plan the conversion of the Schools and the establishment of the Trust.

The AIO suggested that if we met and mobilised quickly it would be possible to undertake the 4 week statutory Section 10 (Academies Act 2010) consultation prior to the summer break.  The Headteachers explained that Governors had insisted that the Schools defer consultation with stakeholders until September in order to consult with parents of pupils in the 2018 intake in the consultation, and to involve new members of staff joining the School in September

Following on from this, the AIO developed a detailed a project plan which would see the consultation exercise launch on 10th September and conclude on 8th October.

Key features of the project plan are:

Timeframe Action
June 2018 Appoint Browne Jacobson to undertake all land and legal work
June 2018 Commission LGPS re-evaluation
July 2018 CEO Designate interview and appointment
July 2018 Commence work on revisions to the Harrow SIP
July 2018 Foundation Director interviews and appointment to Shadow CAT Board
July 2018 Hold meeting of SBMs, supported by Joanne Hill and the AIO to commence work on the Finance Work Stream requirements, including Audit Tender, FMIS procurement and set up Bank accounts
September 2018 Stakeholder Consultation process
October 2018 Governors meet to approval consultation report and TUPE plan
Early November 2018 Land Questionnaire, draft Memorandum and Articles of Association,  draft Master Funding Agreement and Supplementary Funding Agreements, submitted to the DfE
End November Governors and Trust execute Legal documents
December 1st Members meet to appoint Directors; 1st meeting of the Academy Trust
January Schools open Academies

The successful delivery of this project plan would see the Schools convert and the CAT established for 1st January 2019.

All Saints CAT

Since September 2017 the 6 Brent Schools seeking to expand the existing All Saints Trust have encountered the same issues and timescales as the Harrow Schools and it was fitting that they should receive Academy Orders on the same day.

Similarly the All Saints Trust and Brent Schools prefer to commence consultation in the autumn term and to use the time to the end of the current term to establish firm plans.

As the 6 Brent Schools are due to expand an existing Trust of 2 schools many of the necessary conversion requirements such as a Trust Board, Auditors, FMIS, and suite of policies will be in place which will reduce the work load for all concerned.

It is currently anticipated that this could take place over a similar horizon as the establishment of the Harrow CAT.

Timeframe Action
June 2018 Landau Baker to undertake due diligence on the 6 Schools joining the Trust on behalf of the Board
July 2018 Commission LGPS re-evaluation
July 2018 Commence work on revisions to the All Saints SIP
July 2018 Trust Board to adopt revised Mem and Arts including Scheme of Delegation and approve due diligence
July 2018 Hold meeting of SBMs with Joanne Hill to support conversion deliverables
September 2018 Identify training and mentor for CEO
September 2018 Invite applications for Foundation Directors with necessary skills from 6 schools to expand the Trust Board.  Hold interviews and make appointments interviews and make appointment
September 2018 Stakeholder Consultation process
October 2018 Governors meet to approval consultation report and TUPE plan
Early November 2018 Land Questionnaire and draft Supplementary Funding Agreements, submitted to the DfE
End November Governors and Trust execute Legal documents
January Schools join ASCAT


St John’s Catholic Primary School, Holy Rood Catholic Primary School and Divine Saviour Catholic Primary School are keen to expand ASCAT, and the Trust Board is keen to welcome them.

The Project Board has previously considered the application of the above 3 Schools to expand ASCAT, which currently comprises the St Joan of Arc Catholic School, Rickmansworth.

The Diocese has shared with ASCAT colleagues the learning from the experiences of Harrow and Brent Schools journey to this point.

The Project Board has given considered the standards and finances of the above Schools and has consented to the expansion of the Trust.

The Project Board now recommends that the Diocese Trustees issue Conditional Consent Letters to the 3 Schools which would, subject to RSC agreement, allow them to submit conversion applications to the RSC Headteachers Board before the end of the summer term.

The ASCAT Board and the 3 Schools have considered the School Improvement work they currently undertake, and how this could develop in future, and produced a Development Plan to drive this.

The ASCAT Board has undertaken its own due diligence on the finances of the Schools applying to join the Trust, and met this week to consider the consolidated finances of the 4 Schools as an expanded Trust.

The 4 Schools also invited applications from existing Foundation Directors who have the necessary skills to serve on the Trust Board to complete applications for the Project Board.

ASCAT colleagues are to be commended for responding positively and promptly to the need for the above documentation for the Diocese Project Board, in order to complete their application to the RSC Headteachers Board.

Colleagues from ASCAT have been invited to the Project Board meeting to answer questions on these documents.

If these documents are approved at the meeting, they can be submitted with the Schools individual conversion applications, Governing Body minutes and the Diocese Consent letters to complete the application pack.