School Capital – Latest Guidance for Schools and Consultants

The latest guidance documents on Capital Procurement have just been published by our colleagues in the Diocesan Property Department.

The update from the previous version was prompted by the need to include a “Modern Slavery” statement.

Human trafficking and modern slavery are, in the words of Pope Francis, “grievous wounds in the flesh of humanity….In the flesh of Christ himself”. The statement from the Diocese of Westminster sets out the actions to understand potential modern slavery risks, related to our work. The Diocesan Trustees are absolutely committed to putting in place steps to prevent slavery or human trafficking occurring in our Diocese or in the supply chains used by schools and parishes. As founder members of the Santa Marta Group, the Diocese recognises our collective responsibility to tackle this most ancient yet modern of criminal activities.

Two separate guides are available from this website:

·         A Guide for School Leaders, Governors and Directors

181114 – DOW Schools Capital Procurement with Appendices – (For School)

·         A Guide for the Professional Consultants recognised by the Diocesan Trustees and engaged by schools

181114 – DOW Schools Capital Guidance (for Consultants)